Timeline Key:

FA = First Age
SA = Second Age

AL/AW = Age of Light (Humans) / Age of war (Elves)

AP = Age of Peace

649 FA – The Verdanae and the Lethalasarii split into two peoples, the verdanae move into what is now Duern and begin helping the jungle spread across the continent. This marks the end of the first age in Elven calendar.

298 SA – Lethalasarion lays the legendary weapon soulreaver to rest at his keep, Mordenheim, and falls into a slumber from which he has yet to awake.

303 SA – Verda in her anger over the divisiveness of her people changes into a tiger and disappears into the jungle to hunt, only to be seen in glimpses from that point on.

4 Al/AW – King Louis the First of Tarne lands in Vion with his vassals, Bret Normand, Maximus Valerion, Gunther Vaithe, Lacroix, Veroux, Julian Sangreal, Guy LaRoux and begin conquering the peaceful humans who life there and bringing with them sedentary agricultural society.

37 AL/AW – The Vaithe family, also known as the lost flower travels the arduous journey ABOVE the dragonspine mountains. The few survivors create the Vaithe Republic which is willed into democracy 30 years later by there childless king.

43 AL/AW – La Ville du Vent is built around the Arcane Tower of air to act as the seat of power for the Tarnese kingdom.

45 AL/AW – The Keraunosi legions break off due to perceived cowardice and softness on the part of the other flowered houses

410 AL/AW – The first Tarnese settlers land on Duern.

493 AL/AW – The Duernish Colonial Collective created to help the various colonies organize and survive with the Orcs as neighbors.

515 AL/AW – The Duernish Colonies win independence from their parent nations after a bloody, twenty five year war.

The Current date is 5 AP.


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