Important Houses

The nine houses of Duern rule over the lands of Duern and are responsible for protecting the people and maintaining the peace. The constant threat of attack means that a central government is too slow moving to effectively rule a country the size of Duern.

Not all of the nine houses were behind the freedom movement, The Mirtkald and Fynnche houses are notably diminished due to their loyalty to the Tarnese crown.

House Nyh: The Great Bears

House Nyh controls the Southern third of the Cradle mountain range and the fertile grain fields below as their fiefdom. Their shared border with the primal Verdanae to the south and the brutal orcs to the west has made them a hardy house of warriors and working farmers. They were the first to initiate the revolutionary movement as their tax burden was highest in the colonies. Lord Nyh believed that he owed no king tribute who spared no soldier or sword in his defense.

Toshler: Eagle
Stird: Dragon
Mirtkald: Tiger
Hathsgar: Wolf
LaRoux: Carnation
Normand: Rose
Syntdar: Hydra
Fynnche: Finch

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Important Houses

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